JCMG Women & Children’s Center

The JCMG Women & Children’s Center is the southernmost wing of the JCMG Medical Building. Located within this building are the OB/GYNs of the Women’s Clinic.

This clinic is conveniently attached to the JCMG Medical Building, meaning all of the services you may need are located just steps away. Easy access to mammograms, DEXA scans, radiology services, lab tests, and Pharmacy makes the JCMG Women & Children’s Center a prime location at a state-of-the-art, comprehensive medical facility.

Women’s Clinic of JCMG

The mission of the physicians and staff of Women’s Clinic of JCMG is to provide patient-centered care that is of the highest quality. As the premiere OB/GYN practice in mid-Missouri, we pride ourselves in providing up-to-date clinical knowledge, minimally invasive surgical expertise, and comprehensive obstetrical care. We take the time to listen and actively involve you in decisions regarding your medical care. In that effort, we strive to be readily accessible and provide you with the information you need and want.

We invite you to our home, located on the first floor of the JCMG Women & Children’s Center. We think you will love the beautiful, comfortable, and inviting space, which was designed with patients in mind.

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