If you made a recent visit to a JCMG Clinic or have an outstanding balance, you may have received a text message, voicemail, or email with a link/instructions to access your account. If you have questions or are unable to log in with the information provided, please call (573) 556-5791.

Other ways to pay your bills: click the links below (JCMG partners with Healow Pay for online bill pay), call JCMG’s billing department directly at (573) 556-5791, or use the link received via text message or email with instructions on how to access your account right from your device.

If you have an account that has been sent to collections, that balance will not appear on your online statement.

Thank you for letting JCMG serve you.


JCMG employees, billing, and collection partners are authorized to request payment over the phone for outstanding balances. While JCMG and partners may ask to verify your identity, JCMG will never ask for your social security number, passwords, or other sensitive or private information over the phone to pay a bill. If you are unsure about a call, please contact our billing department at (573) 556-5791.

If your bill looks like the below, click it to be taken to Healow Pay: