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Weight Treatment Center

The JCMG Weight Treatment Center offers a variety of strategies to help you lose weight and maintain a healthier weight long-term. We conduct free information meetings every two weeks; please contact our office at (573) 556-5774 to register.

Three-Phase Approach

The JCMG Weight Treatment Center utilizes a three-phase approach: VLCD > LCD > Maintenance

At each point throughout these phases, you will be working with a multidisciplinary team of physicians, registered dietitians, and, if helpful, psychologists upon referral to help explore and navigate your relationship with health, food, and nutrition. Our program offers two different approaches for weight loss: a Very Low-Calorie Program Phase (VLCD) and/or a Low-Calorie Program Phase (LCD).


The VLCD is a weight-loss strategy in which New Direction meal replacement products are utilized for 100% of the participant’s daily intake. Qualifying criteria is a BMI of 30 or above. Typically, participants will see 3-5 pounds of weight loss per week, with females obtaining closer to the lower end of that average and males at the higher end of that average. The VLCD utilizes a limit on caloric intake for weight loss combined with ketosis to curb hunger.

This initial phase allows participants to get a head-start on weight loss, meet qualification guidelines for surgeries, decrease or discontinue medications, and move more comfortably with less body and joint pain. Medical monitoring and education consist of a weekly phone-based consult plus monthly in-person physician visits and labs.


Once the participant has met their goals for initial weight loss, the next phase is introduced, the ‘real-life practice’ low-calorie program phase (LCD). The LCD phase utilizes a combination approach of two meal replacements in combination with healthy food-based snacks and meals plus practice of new skills and behavior changes. Participants in this program should expect 1-3 pounds of weight loss per week with females obtaining closer to the lower end of that average and males at the higher end of that average.

Medical monitoring consists of a phone-based appointment every two weeks with continued medication monitoring/adjustments as necessary. Even though most of our participants choose to start on the VLCD phase, it is also an option to start on the LCD phase if a better match for participant needs and preferences.


During the final phase of the program, the Maintenance Phase, participants will continue to work on their critical skills they have been developing throughout the previous two phases. Participants will continue to work alongside their dietitian to develop a personalized maintenance plan to promote weight management and encourage a well-rounded approach to lifestyle and eating habits.

During this phase, sometimes participants find it helpful to continue using meal replacement products in controlling caloric intake, especially for those with busy mornings and hectic workday schedules. The products can be utilized to replace 1 meal a day while the remainder of your dietary patterns will be through grocery foods. The New Direction meal replacement products can continue to be used while participants remain in the Maintenance Phase.

Keep in mind, some participants may find it useful to schedule phone-call appointments with our Registered Dietitians during this phase to help continue behavioral reinforcement and lifestyle changes but is not mandatory.

Meet the WTC Team

Christopher Case, M.D. and Alan Rauba, M.D. launched the New Direction and Outlook programs in February 2003 at Jefferson City Medical Group. Prior to establishing his practice in Jefferson City, Dr. Case had worked with a New Direction program while completing his fellowship and conducting research at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He was so impressed by the medical improvements of the program participants, he was compelled to find a way to provide such a service in conjunction with his local practice. We are proud to announce that after only one year in business, our program was recognized by Robard Corporation as a Center of Excellence.

Dr. Christopher Case also provides input at the national level; he is a member of a medical advisory panel that provides direction, training, and expertise for Robard’s medically-supervised New Direction and Outlook program guidelines.

We are proud to have qualified and dedicated staff members who partner with us to provide compassionate, sensitive and extraordinary care for our program enrollees. In addition to our supervising physicians, our staff consists of registered dietitians, behaviorists, and an administrative assistant—all of whom are dedicated to supporting our program participants as they discover a healthier, balanced and happier life!


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Meet the Weight Treatment Center Providers

JCMG Medical Building

1241 West Stadium Blvd
Jefferson City, MO  65109

JCMG Medical Building

1241 West Stadium Blvd
Jefferson City, MO  65109