JCMG Hematology/Oncology is concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer and precancerous disorders.

Our goal is to develop an individualized treatment plan, for our patients and their families, so that we may maximize treatment goals while providing the highest quality of care.

On staff, we have board certified physicians who have had advanced training in cancer centers throughout the country. We believe their education from varying world class institutions sets us apart from other clinics. Our physicians have brought world class hematology/oncology care to Mid-Missouri. Many of our nurses are oncology certified; the remainder are currently completing certification requirements. Most of our staff has worked in a hematology/oncology setting for the majority of their careers and are passionate about the care they provide.

We have a family atmosphere and strive to support patients and their families during one of the most difficult times of their lives. It is truly an honor for us to care for you and your loved ones.

What percentage of men in America develop an invasive cancer?

45%. Encourage your husband, father, brothers, sons and friends to keep up with their routine screenings and physicals. Up to 1% of all breast cancers are in males.

What percentage of women are diagnosed with breast cancer with no family history?

90%. Don’t assume that if you do not have a family history that you are not at risk for breast cancer. It is important for all women to have mammograms and conduct monthly self exams.

Does obesity increase your chances of getting cancer?

Yes! The risk for these cancers increases with obesity: esophageal, breast, colon, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, gallbladder, endometrial…and more.

Leading a healthy lifestyle increases your chances for preventing cancer and living a long and healthy life.

Which cancer causes the most deaths in men and women?

Lung cancer. Smokers need to realize they are at a high risk of developing cancer and dying from it. Talk to your physician about ways to quit smoking.