JCMG’s laboratory provides a wide array of tests to help physicians diagnose and monitor illness and disease. In addition to the extensive test menu, we have partnered with reference testing laboratories to provide access for all testing needs. JCMG’s laboratory gladly accepts orders from physicians who are not members of Jefferson City Medical Group.

View the Lab’s Hours here.

How do you use JCMG’s laboratory?

JCMG Laboratory operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Simply come in any time during our operating hours, tell a receptionist your name and which provider ordered labs for you, and we’ll get you in as soon as possible.

Unsure if your provider ordered labs?

If you are wanting to know if labs have been ordered for you, please contact your provider.

How do you check your lab results?

There are several ways to obtain the results of your labs from JCMG Laboratory. If your lab results show something that requires action on your or your provider’s part, your provider’s office will call you shortly following receiving the results. If you want a copy of the results in your hands, you can do one of the following things:

Sign up for the Patient Portal

You can use our patient portal, “healow”, to access your medical history—including your laboratory results. Follow the following steps to access your patient portal:

  1. If you haven’t been set up on our patient portal, ask a receptionist to become “web-enabled”.
  2. After you’re web-enabled, you can either use the welcome email you receive to view your portal on a web browser (described here) or download the healow app and use our practice code, FIEIBD.
  3. On the healow mobile app, click “My Records” and then click “Results”.

JCMG Medical Records

JCMG Medical Records can provide you with a hard copy of your laboratory results. There are two ways to receive results from Medical Records:

  1. Physically Visit Us: JCMG Medical Records is located on the lower level of the JCMG Medical Building (1241 W Stadium Blvd). From the stairs or elevator, go towards Podiatry, around the corner past the Laboratory, and it will be on your right before the doors to Shipping/Receiving. From the west side of the building, enter the northwest most entrance by Shipping/Receiving, and it will be on your left past the doors.
  2. Submit a Request Online: Visit www.jcmg.org/medical-records-release-forms to request a copy of your laboratory results.