Christopher Case, M.D. and Alan Rauba, M.D. launched the New Direction and Outlook programs in February 2003 at Jefferson City Medical Group. Prior to establishing his practice in Jefferson City, Dr. Case had worked with a New Direction program while completing his fellowship and conducting research at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He was so impressed by the medical improvements of the program participants, he was compelled to find a way to provide such a service in conjunction with his local practice. We are proud to announce that after only one year in business, our program was recognized by Robard Corporation as a Center of Excellence.

Dr. Christopher Case also provides input at the national level; he is a member of a medical advisory panel that provides direction, training, and expertise for Robard’s medically-supervised New Direction and Outlook program guidelines.

We are proud to have qualified and dedicated staff members who partner with us to provide compassionate, sensitive and extraordinary care for our program enrollees. In addition to our supervising physicians, our staff consists of registered dietitians, behaviorists, and an administrative assistant—all of whom are dedicated to supporting our program participants as they discover a healthier, balanced and happier life!

Christopher Case, M.D. Alan Rauba, M.D. Lisa Finley, R.D., L.D. Adam Weaver, R.D., L.D.
Endocrinologist Diabetes Specialist Dietitian Dietitian

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Meet Our Program Coordinator, Adam Weaver

Adam Weaver joined the JCMG Weight Treatment Center team as our clinic coordinator in fall of 2021. He has a passion for health and wellness, always putting the overall mental and physical health of his patients above all else. Here’s what he has to say:

Growing up in Mid-Missouri I was fascinated by the strong agricultural roots in our state. I recall the endless corn and soybean fields that lined the Missouri highways as our family road trips navigated through the midwestern river bottoms. At the time, I didn’t appreciate the captivating world of agriculture.

From seed to fruit, agriculture and nutrition share a common theme: food. It was during my adolescent high-school years when I realized the significant connection between these two. At the time I was struggling to grasp nutrition concepts in my efforts to “be healthier”.

As I started to unwind my personal connection to food, a burning desire and curiosity to learn more about nutrition and health grew within me. While studying for my M.S. in Dietetics at the University of Missouri, I also discovered a passion for teaching and encouraging others in their quest for health. I found this particularly rewarding in the practice area of medical weight management.

As a registered dietitian, I’m aware there are many factors which influence weight management—not just food and exercise. These factors come into play throughout our youthful beginnings and carry on into our adult lives. Factors may include genetics, hormones, medications, behaviors, sleep, stress, and of course, food choices. While these focus areas are influential, it’s also true that each individual has a unique history and experience with food. So, one can imagine there is no cookie-cutter approach to long-term successful weight management.

Much like the multidisciplinary aspect of our own personal relationship to food, a multidisciplinary approach to weight loss is an effective strategy in long-term success. With the varying degree of factors that affect weight management, the “balancing act” of food and nutrition can be difficult to navigate. Now, in my position as the Weight Treatment Center Coordinator at JCMG, I further witness the value in having a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, psychologists, and registered dietitians work with clients to explore and navigate their relationship with food and health.

In summary, providing a comfortable, respectful, and nonjudgmental approach in a multidisciplinary treatment setting helps patients meet and overcome obstacles of successful lifestyle change needed to succeed at weight management.