JCMG physicians are entrepreneurs. They’re fueled by passion for their field and compassion for the neighbors and friends they treat. JCMG physicians are innovative. They break new ground and are often the first to bring new treatments to Jefferson City. Below, JCMG celebrates the many innovations that have improved healthcare in Mid-Missouri.


  • First physician owned multi-specialty group in Jefferson City
  • First to implement Electronic Health Records 15 years ago
  • First independent outpatient surgery center in Jefferson City
  • First accredited outpatient medical facility in mid-Missouri

Ear, Nose and Throat

Dr. Reese Thompson

  • First Balloon Sinuplasty
  • First pillar implants for snoring

Internal Medicine/Endocrinology

Dr. Alan Rauba

  • Always on the Forefront of Insulin Pumps
    • First to bring insulin pumps to Jefferson City
    • First to use insulin pumps with glucose sensors
    • Now, the first to use augmented insulin pumps that run themselves, submit glucose readings to the physician and be adjusted in real time
  • First to converge holistic medicine with traditional treatments for thyroid disfunction and to utilize iodine with certain patients


Dr. Jonathan Craighead

  • First anterior total hip replacement approach in mid-Missouri with truly remarkable recovery times
  • First partial knee replacement in Jefferson City

Dr. Bradley Sloan

  • First to bring regenerative medicine to Jefferson City, which is the future of orthopedics
  • First on PRP
  • First on Stem Cells

Dr. Michael Snyder

  • First on arthroscopic ACL reconstruction


Dr. Jody McAleer and Dr. William Duke

  • First to bring innovative Lapiplasty to Jefferson City
  • First to perform Cadence Total Ankle Replacement in the State of Missouri

Surgical Specialists

Dr. Jonathan Roberts (retired)

  • First laparoscopic colectomy in Jefferson City
  • First accelerated partial breast irradiation in Jefferson City
  • First oncoplastic surgery in Jefferson City
  • First laparoscopic repair of hiatal hernias in Jefferson City
  • First laparoscopic hemorrhoidopexy in Jefferson City

Dr. Michael Craighead (retired)

  • First laparoscopic gallbladder removal in Mid-Missouri

Weight Treatment Center

Registered Dietician Lisa Finley

  • First and only non-surgical medically supervised, evidence-based approach to interventional weight loss and weight management in Jefferson City

Women and Children’s Center

  • First Women and Children’s Center in Jefferson City
  • First to deliver a baby at the new SSM Health St. Mary’s
  • First pediatric Acute Care with same day appointment 7 days a week