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Permanent Sterilization

Many people refer to permanent sterilization as getting their “tubes tied.”  Permanent sterilization or tubal ligation has been available for many years and over that time many different techniques have been used.  In the past, the techniques for permanent sterilization required one or more incisions in the abdomen.  In 2002 a new method became available […]

There’s More to Sleep than Meets the Eyes

We spend almost one third of our life asleep. Despite this, for centuries, sleep has been mysterious and one of the most poorly understood normal and healthy functioning states. Scientific advances in the last few decades or so have provided better insight and important physiological functions of sleep. Sleep is no longer considered as a […]

Celiac Disease: Why Gluten Free?

Celiac disease involves the body’s immune response to derivatives of gluten a protein in wheat, rye, and barley. The prevalence of celiac disease in the United States is approximately 1 in 100 (1%). The disease occurs because the patient has the genetic make-up to react to gluten proteins causing an inflammatory reaction in the small […]

What You Need to Know about Vitamin D

Increasing evidence supports important roles for vitamin D in the prevention of many diseases including osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression and immune disorders. The many roles of vitamin D in maintaining health and well-being are subjects of active and ongoing research, and recent discoveries have provided insight into the molecular mechanisms by which vitamin D […]

Unpacking the Magic of HCG

Unpacking the “Magic” of HCG: Is it the Low-Carbohydrate Very Low Calorie Diet? Having worked in a medically-supervised weight management program exclusively for over nine years as a registered dietitian, I sincerely empathize with men and women searching for an effective weight loss solution.  Frequently, during phone conversations with potential clients, these individuals share, often […]

Genetic Testing in Cancer

Most of the time cancer happens without a known underlying cause. But in some cases and in some families, a higher likelihood of cancer is passed down in genes from generation to generation.  When a gene for cancer is passed down, this increases an individual’s risk for cancer. Knowing your risk can help you make […]

Keeping a Watchful Eye on Aging Parents

As your parents enter their twilight years, you may feel as though you don’t want to meddle in their affairs. But when it comes to their health and safety, try not to stay in the dark. By paying attention to any warning signs, you’ll be in a better place to take steps that can help […]

Urinary Incontinence: “Just Live with It” is no Longer the Answer

When patients’ bladder control problems are to the point where they have to change their lifestyle or they have stopped doing things they like to do such as traveling or going to the gym, then it is time to consider alternatives such as medications, pelvic floor exercises, and dietary modifications. If those don’t work then […]

The Safety of Facelift Surgery in Older Adults

As we all know, the American population is aging. The number of Americans age 65 and older is expected to more than double by 2050, and the number age 85 and older may increase fivefold. While the elderly account for only 12% of the U.S. population, they undergo nearly 40% of all surgical procedures. As […]

Modern Approaches to the Bunion Deformity

The winter is almost upon us and with the cold icy weather we must pack away our sandals and flip-flops and dust off our shoes and boots. These snug fitting enclosed warm vessels are welcomed by those individuals trying to stay warm in the inclement Missouri weather and feared by others who are remiss at […]

Is it a Heart Attack?

More than a million Americans have heart attacks each year. Nearly half of them die.1 Why does this happen? In many cases, it’s because people don’t take action quickly enough – or at all. A heart attack occurs when blood flow to part of the heart muscle is blocked. If blood flow isn’t restored quickly […]

Healthy Feet for an Active Lifestyle

I have the pleasure of seeing many patients each week, and I think some of the more common questions that I am asked deal with “lumps and bumps” and changes in the appearance of nails and skin. I would like to discuss each of these situations in a little greater detail. Lumps and bumps can […]

Topics Your OB/Gyn Wants You to Know

No one likes to come to the gynecologist… in fact, we usually vie for last place on the popularity scale (along with dentists)! Many women struggle with body image, and going to the gynecologist forces women to expose even her most private parts. We get it. But you must remember, we see women of all […]

The Foot Facelift: Dermal Filler Injections for Fat Pad Atrophy

It is human nature to lament for what has since past and to revel in the memories of our life experiences and milestones. With maturity and experience come the unfortunate side effects of time. This, for many, has ignited a desire to recapture our youth. This desire is expressed in many different ways. For some […]

Learning the Basics about Vitamins

Vitamins are essentials – the substances your body needs to function normally. You can usually get the vitamins you need from a healthy, balanced diet. Add a “rainbow of color” to your diet and you increase your chances of getting what you need. But some people lack certain vitamins, so they need supplements. Ask your […]

Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening

JCMG Radiology in conjunction with JCMG Hematology/Oncology, Pulmonology and Dr. Allyson Walker (St. Mary’s Cardiothoracic Surgery) is pleased to offer a new state of the art technique in the battle against lung cancer: Low-Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States for both men and […]

Breast Cancer Screening

Here are the facts: – Breast cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in women in the United States. – 1 in 8 women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer over their lifetime. – There are about 230,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer in women in the US per year, […]

Arthroscopy – a minimally invasive surgical approach in treating ankle pathology

Arthroscopy – a minimally invasive surgical approach in treating ankle pathology Persistent ankle pain can limit activity and disrupt the ability to comfortably carry out the most simple activities of daily living. The severity of symptoms can vary from individual to individual. Causes for generalized ankle pain and impingement can include 1) joint damage, 2) […]

Exercise Makes the Grade

Want your child to do better in school? Make sure exercise doesn’t get the short end of the stick. A review of 12 exercise studies recently underscored how important exercise is for the brain, not just the body. It found that children who regularly exercised tended to do better in school. These were a few […]

More than Cosmetic: Breast Reduction Improves Physical Health Problems

Women of all ages, both younger and older women, with overly large breasts that are out of proportion to their body can experience both physical and mental symptoms. They often have significant neck, shoulder, and back pain. They may also have difficulty exercising and leading an active lifestyle. Skin irritation beneath the breast fold is […]

Medication Storage

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you take a medication that is past its expiration date? The medicine will just be a little bit weak, right? Wrong. Although that’s true in most cases, some outdated medications can become toxic and actually make you sick. Knowing how to store medications, as well as when […]

Could You Have Sleep Apnea

Does your snoring raise the dead—or at least prompt a swift kick? Has your partner or spouse said that you gasp or snort, or make choking sounds while asleep? Are you finding yourself way too drowsy during the day, despite getting a “good night’s sleep”? These can be major signs of a common disorder called […]

Care Options for Great Toe Joint Arthritis

Degenerative arthritis of the first metatarsal phalangeal joint, also referred to as the great toe joint, can be a very painful and incapacitating condition. Arthritis of this joint can lead to limitation of walking and running based activities. Patients affected by this condition typically complain of stiffness, joint locking and pain. Patients may have to […]

Vaccines for Adults

Quick—do you know if you’re up to date on your vaccines? Or, do you think of vaccines as just kids’ stuff? Apparently lots of folks do, given that way too few adults receive the recommended vaccines. That puts them—and those who come into contact with them—at greater risk for vaccine-preventable diseases. Consider this: • In […]

Stress on the Heart

If managing stress is a challenge for you, take heed: More and more research is pointing to stress as a contributor to heart attack and other forms of heart disease. From natural disasters to the death of a sibling to the daily grind of modern-day life, stress can have a big impact on your heart. […]

EXERCISE…It isn’t just for kids!

We all know that exercise and physical activity are beneficial to our physical and mental well-being. Many people incorporate exercise into their regular routine, while some people are hoping to get started soon. You may be one of them. Exercise can be easy to do. All you need is self-motivation and comfortable clothes and shoes. […]

Arch and Shoe Supports

If you do a Google search for arch supports or shoe inserts you will be inundated with millions of results with reviews of product success by people you have never met. These reviews will more often than not give you a false hope of resolution of any problem you have ever had with your feet. […]


Diverticulosis is a common condition, affecting almost half of Americans by age 50 and most by age 80.  Fortunately the majority of people never experience any symptoms.  Diverticuli are pouches on the colon that consist of the inner lining that has been pushed out through layers of muscle in the wall of the colon.  The […]

Pain Management

Patients are all familiar with being asked: “On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your pain?” Over the last 20 years, treatment of pain has been a focus for health care institutions and health care providers.  Unfortunately, there is much that health care providers do not know or understand about pain.  Patients and […]

Sounds of the Season

The ringing of bells, the rustling of wrapping paper, the tearing of envelopes containing Christmas cards, children’s laughter, the gathering of family & friends and conversation around the table.  These are just a few sounds of the season that many embrace this time of year.  However, for others – the hearing impaired – it can […]


Histoplasmosis is one of the most frequently occurring fungal infections in the mid-west but it is estimated that approximately 90% of the cases go unrecognized. Histoplasmosis is caused the by the fungal organism, Histoplasma capsulatum. Infections with this fungus have been noted on every continent, except Antarctica, but it is very common in the Ohio, […]