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Urinary Incontinence: “Just Live with It” is no Longer the Answer

When patients’ bladder control problems are to the point where they have to change their lifestyle or they have stopped doing things they like to do such as traveling or going to the gym, then it is time to consider alternatives such as medications, pelvic floor exercises, and dietary modifications. If those don’t work then we look at other interventions.

The key thing for patients to realize is that bladder problems should not be overlooked or downplayed. It is important to make sure that nothing else is wrong, because bladder problems can signal other issues. Second, as the symptoms worsen, they can become harder to treat. And, a common misconception is that bladder problems are a normal part of aging. Often women are very accepting of bladder changes because their mother or grandmother had problems. Bladder problems are not a natural part of life and shouldn’t be treated as such. Since bladder problems often worsen gradually, people can forget what it was like to be normal.

Women need to know that they can have a normal life again. Even if conservative treatment is not successful there are several options available. When urinary incontinence markedly disrupts your life, low-risk surgical alternatives are available. Learn more at an upcoming seminar: