Advanced Sleep & Neurodiagnostics is a fully accredited lab that has been serving (serving) the Columbia area since 2007, after being established under Neurology Inc. Our highly trained and certified team is not only here to make sure you’re getting that ‘good nights’ sleep’ that we all crave, but to help put you in position to live a better life.

Advanced Sleep & Neurodiagnostics provides a wide range of services designed to facilitate diagnosis and specialized management of adult and pediatric sleep and neurological disorders.

If you are concerned with how you’ve been sleeping, come see us today to complete a sleep study. Advanced Sleep & Neurodiagnostics has the fastest turnaround of anybody in town and can have your sleep study scheduled for as little as 2 weeks from your initial call. Sleep studies with Advanced Sleep & Neurodiagnostics can help identify and treat the following:

  • Obstructive & Central Sleep Apnea
  • Narcolepsy
  • Idiopathic Hypersomnolence
  • Periodic Limb Movement Disorder
  • REM Behavior Disorder
  • Shift Work Sleep Disorder
  • Circadian Dysrhythmia
  • Excessive Snoring

Advanced Sleep & Neurodiagnostics also offers EEG Testing which can evaluate and treat conditions such as epilepsy, strokes, and memory issues.

Sleep Testing (Polysomnography/PSG):

  • In-Lab Polysomnography (Baseline/diagnostic, PAP Titrations, Adaptive servo-ventilation)
  • In-Lab Pediatric Sleep Testing (5 years of age and older)
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Testing (MSLT)
  • Maintenance of Wakefulness Testing (MWT)
  • Home Sleep Testing
  • PAP Acclimation Clinic

Electroencephalographic Testing (EEG):

  • In-Lab EEG (routine, sleep deprived, and extended procedures)
  • In-Lab Pediatric EEG Testing (5 years of age and older)

How to Get a Sleep Study

Consult with your primary care provider or specialist to be referred to ASN. If you do not have a primary care provider, we’d be happy to set up an initial appointment with one of our providers here at ASN. Once we have received and obtained all the information we need we will contact you to schedule an appointment. We can generally schedule your study within one to two weeks of receipt.

To Refer a Patient

Please complete our referral form and fax it to us at: (573) 449-4491. Our staff will take it from there. Advanced Sleep & Neurodiagnostics accepts patients with all major insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid and we will handle the insurance pre-certification for your patient’s testing, relieving the burden from your office staff. Our staff will call your patient to schedule his/her sleep study and will notify you of the scheduled date. You should receive a faxed report of the results of your patient’s sleep study within 7-10 business days from the scheduled study date.

Improving the quality of your day, through a better night’s sleep, with Advanced Sleep & Neurodiagnostics.

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