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JCMG Enters Contract Negotiations with Anthem

JCMG attempts to reach a resolution with Anthem before the current contract expires. 

Jefferson City Medical Group (JCMG) and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (also known as Elevance Health) are currently negotiating their contract.

JCMG entered contract negotiations with Anthem to secure the future of independent healthcare in mid-Missouri. “During times of high inflation and significant wage pressures, most businesses respond with adjustments in product and service pricing. In healthcare, contract negotiations with insurance companies are the only way to balance out increased costs,” said Dr. Jeffrey Patrick, JCMG President.

Negotiations with Anthem started on August 8, 2023. On October 4, 2023, JCMG proposed to extend the negotiation period to February 1, 2024, to allow time for Anthem and JCMG to come to an agreement. Anthem declined to extend the negotiation period and instead elected to have the contract term on November 6, 2023. JCMG is making every effort to continue progress on a mutual agreement with Anthem.

“In an era of healthcare consolidation, it has become increasingly challenging for JCMG to recruit and retain high quality physicians to our area. Physicians in JCMG’s independent practice provide care at a significantly lower cost than most employed physicians practicing in large organizations. The higher costs associated with most large healthcare systems are passed on to both employers and patients,” said Dr. Jeffrey Patrick, JCMG President.

“It is our hope that Anthem and JCMG will reach a mutually acceptable agreement to ensure independent healthcare in mid-Missouri continues to be sustainable in our community. In doing so, JCMG will be positioned to continue the high quality, lower cost care currently provided to our community and deliver on these same promises for future generations,” said Dr. Patrick.

Should JCMG and Anthem not reach an agreement, JCMG will still be available to Anthem patients as an out-of-network benefit option. JCMG provides healthcare services to approximately 30,000 Anthem patients in the mid-Missouri region.

Patients who would like Anthem to retain JCMG in their network may contact Anthem through their employer or by contacting the number on the back of their insurance card. For more information and negotiation updates, please visit