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Helping Diabetics Reduce Medications & Improve Quality of Life

A healthier weight, particularly for diabetics, often translates to a lower risk of complications, improved blood sugar control and reduced medications. However, the process of weight loss often involves frequent changes in physical activity, diet and medications which add to the complexity and challenges for diabetics. The option of a physician-supervised very-low-calorie-diet can help diabetics […]

Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist: What Doctors and Patients Need to Know

Lisa Finley, RD, LD JCMG Weight Treatment Center (573) 556-5774 As January begins and people turn their thoughts to shedding those extra pounds acquired through the holidays, one may consider working with a registered dietitian or…perhaps a nutritionist. Are they the same? As it turns out, no, not in the state of Missouri anyway. It […]

What’s Your Metabolic Rate? Testing Available by Indirect Calorimetry

All individuals have a metabolic rate specific for their body. Testing by indirect calorimetry provides an accurate assessment of Resting Metabolic Rate compared to predictive equations often used to estimate calorie needs. The results are obtained immediately after the 10-minute test and can then be used to determine a plan for achieving goals related to […]

New Direction LCD (Formerly Known as Outlook)

The Outlook© program is a low calorie diet (LCD) which offers a combination approach using a meal replacement product at two meals daily (usually breakfast and lunch) with a food-based meal in the evening.  If more convenient for an individual, the food-based meal could be consumed at lunch instead.  Meal replacements help reduce calorie intake […]

New Direction: A Medically-Supervised Very Low Calorie Program (VLCD)

The New Direction© Program is a medically-supervised Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) which utilizes a meal replacement product exclusively to meet an individual’s nutritional needs; no food is consumed while on this program. Depending on an individual’s starting weight, age, gender and activity level, a calorie “prescription” is determined—most usually 600-800 kcal/day for women, 800-1000 […]