Dr. Glascock is board certified in Family Medicine. She accepts patients of every age to help address their healthcare needs.

Bio for Brandy Glascock, M.D.

Dr. Glascock is a board-certified Family Medicine primary care physician. She came to JCMG from Illinois where she had a practice for 4 years; many of her patients followed her here because of the trust they have in her care. Dr. Glascock wanted to be a doctor since the first grade—now she’s living her childhood dream, taking care of patients of every age and creating custom health plans for them.

Dr. Glascock is married and has two miniature yorkies and enjoys running, reading and online shopping.


Dr. Glascock received a Master of Science in Community Health from The University of Illinois at Urbana and received her medical degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine. She completed her residency at the University of Missouri-Columbia.


Dr. Glascock is board certified from the American Board of Family Medicine.