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Don’t Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions!

January 17th is Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day. It only two and a half weeks into the new year before many people quit on their resolutions. Don’t let that be you! We have confidence that you can keep going—and at JCMG, we have an expert team to help you along the way. We’re turning today into […]

Weight Treatment Center Team

Christopher Case, M.D. and Alan Rauba, M.D. launched the New Direction and Outlook programs in February 2003 at Jefferson City Medical Group. Prior to establishing his practice in Jefferson City, Dr. Case had worked with a New Direction program while completing his fellowship and conducting research at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He […]

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

by Christopher Case, M.D. It is that time of the year again to set New Year’s resolutions. These often include losing weight, eating healthy, and exercising. If you are an individual with type 2 diabetes, improving blood glucose levels may be one of your resolutions. First, and foremost, talk with your health care provider, licensed […]

Lung Cancer Awareness Month, November 2020

lung cancer

by Shadi Haddadin, M.D., CPE   Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death in women and men in 2020. Despite representing 12-13% of new cancer cases in 2020, it is responsible for 22-23% of cancer deaths in the United States. According to American Cancer Society (ACS), the estimated new lung cancer cases in the […]

Breast Cancer in 2020

by Shadi Haddadin, M.D., CPE  Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer in women and is the second most common cause of cancer deaths in the United States. According to American Cancer Society (ACS), in 2020, the estimated new female breast cancer cases in the state of Missouri would be 5,360 with an expected […]

Dr Rucker’s Dish – Diets vs Lifestyle

One of the hardest things for me to hear is, “I am dieting.“ Dieting means that it is temporary and most the time extreme. This makes it often unsustainable. That’s why I tell patients, you are not dieting, you are making a lifestyle change. The diet goals that you make should be realistic and something […]

Dr. Rucker’s Dish – Warming up

By Rachel Rucker, D.O. Warming up is just as important as the workout itself. It is difficult to do a workout if you hurt yourself. My track coaches in high school as well as my track coach in college trained me that you are properly warmed up whenever you are drenched in sweat. This can […]

Dr. Rucker’s Dish – Motivation to Workout

By Rachel Rucker, D.O. It’s easy to do nothing, it’s hard to do something you’ve never done before. The very first step in working out happens even before you enter your workout space. You have to get your mind right. If your mind doesn’t want to do it, you will find every excuse in the […]

Dr. Rucker’s Dish – What’s for lunch?

By Rachel Rucker, D.O. Diet: What’s for lunch? Eating lunch is essential and what you eat is equally important because it determines your energy level for the rest of the day. I have found that most people fall in one of two categories. A. Either they are so busy that they do not eat lunch […]

Dr. Rucker’s Dish — Late Night Sweet Tooth

By Rachel Rucker, D.O. Is late night sweet tooth calling out to you? Not going to lie, this is one of my own downfalls. I wish I could remember who told me this trick, because it has saved me so many times. Put a picture of an apple on your fridge or pantry. If you […]

Introducing Dr. Rucker’s Dish — A Series on Health and Fitness

By Rachel Rucker, D.O. After much resistance, and after a lot of encouragement from my patients, I have decided to start blogging about diet, exercise and anxiety. I have resisted because I am very much an introvert and sharing my thoughts and opinions really isn’t my thing. But today I had a patient who told […]

What You Need to Know: Atrial Fibrillation

  The heart is composed of four chambers. The upper chambers are called the atria and the lower chambers are the ventricles. There are two distinct systems which make the heart beat the way it should. The mechanical system which allows the heart to physically beat and the electrical or conduction system which sends electrical […]

JCMG Patients Share Their Breast Cancer Journey

Each one of these ladies chose JCMG’s Comprehensive Breast Care Team to walk with them every step of the way through their breast cancer journey, and now they want to share their stories with you.  Tonya: DeLayne: Mary:   Margie: The only breast cancer detection and treatment center you need…right here in Jefferson City.

Helping Diabetics Reduce Medications & Improve Quality of Life

A healthier weight, particularly for diabetics, often translates to a lower risk of complications, improved blood sugar control and reduced medications. However, the process of weight loss often involves frequent changes in physical activity, diet and medications which add to the complexity and challenges for diabetics. The option of a physician-supervised very-low-calorie-diet can help diabetics […]

Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist: What Doctors and Patients Need to Know

Lisa Finley, RD, LD JCMG Weight Treatment Center (573) 556-5774 As January begins and people turn their thoughts to shedding those extra pounds acquired through the holidays, one may consider working with a registered dietitian or…perhaps a nutritionist. Are they the same? As it turns out, no, not in the state of Missouri anyway. It […]

What’s Your Metabolic Rate? Testing Available by Indirect Calorimetry

All individuals have a metabolic rate specific for their body. Testing by indirect calorimetry provides an accurate assessment of Resting Metabolic Rate compared to predictive equations often used to estimate calorie needs. The results are obtained immediately after the 10-minute test and can then be used to determine a plan for achieving goals related to […]

New Direction LCD (Formerly Known as Outlook)

The Outlook© program is a low calorie diet (LCD) which offers a combination approach using a meal replacement product at two meals daily (usually breakfast and lunch) with a food-based meal in the evening.  If more convenient for an individual, the food-based meal could be consumed at lunch instead.  Meal replacements help reduce calorie intake […]

New Direction: A Medically-Supervised Very Low Calorie Program (VLCD)

The New Direction© Program is a medically-supervised Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) which utilizes a meal replacement product exclusively to meet an individual’s nutritional needs; no food is consumed while on this program. Depending on an individual’s starting weight, age, gender and activity level, a calorie “prescription” is determined—most usually 600-800 kcal/day for women, 800-1000 […]