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Sun Protection Put to the Test

Every summer I make it a point to discuss sun protection. I know we hear it everywhere, but I can’t stress enough the importance of this one step in your skin care regimen.

This summer, I am writing this article while also giving it the ultimate test: I am at the beach. I remember past beach vacations and my attempt to come home with the deepest tan possible.

How would my vacation turn out with good sun protection factored in? Well, first off, I came armed with my bag loaded with sunscreens and Colorescience makeup to keep my family protected. I tossed in a couple of hats and was ready to go.

Upon arriving, I made sure we applied our sunscreen before we went out and reapplied every few hours. This can be rather time-consuming with four children. If I was in an area where I could choose shade I often did, but hey, it’s the beach. I spent a full day out in the sun on a boat and snorkeling, was out in the water with the kids whenever we were free to do so, and all in all enjoyed a great beach vacation. I can’t say I felt deprived at all.

How was it different? I enjoyed our sightseeing and excursions so much more, I didn’t feel it was limiting my tan like I sometimes had in the past.

I sweat a lot less. The beach is even more amazingly beautiful when you enjoy it under an umbrella with a soft breeze. No long sessions sweating to death in search of even color! I never had to take painful stinging showers and I slept great. The sheets didn’t feel like sand paper rubbing over my burnt skin.

I must say it was pretty liberating. In spite of my sun protection routine I did get a little color, but didn’t burn once and had a great time. I didn’t feel deprived in the least. As a matter of fact, I wish I could test it out again next week!

If you are heading out for a sunny vacation or just spending time at the pool this summer, here are some tips for choosing your sunscreen compliments of To save your skin you need more than high SPF.

1. Choose products that offer true broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB.

2. Choose a photostable sunscreen which keeps working when exposed to light (believe it or not, some sunscreens degrade in the sun).

3. Pick a sunscreen that minimizes irritation and works on sensitive skin.

4. Pick a sunscreen that YOU will use everyday. That means one that is wearable, with a breathable texture and comfortable feel.

So liberate yourself from the search for the perfect tan and enjoy healthy skin this summer. You may find you like it.