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Rapid Molecular Testing

Now Available at JCMG – Faster and More Accurate Testing for Strep, Influenza, and RSV

Now at all JCMG clinics and Express Care locations, JCMG and MMG are offering rapid molecular testing for faster and more accurate diagnosis of strep, influenza, and RSV. When you or your loved one is ill – keep in mind that rapid molecular testing is the most accurate way to diagnose strep, RSV, and the flu.

What is Rapid Molecular Testing?

All viruses and bacteria have their own unique DNA and RNA. A rapid molecular test can find and use that DNA and RNA to tell you what kind of infection is present—even if there is only a small amount. It can detect viruses or bacteria older types of testing might miss. Because it’s the latest advanced technology, rapid molecular tests provide confidence with treatment decisions.

How does it work?

A sample will be taken, perhaps by swabbing the inside of your nose or throat. The rapid molecular test then examines the sample, looking for the DNA and RNA of the virus or bacteria contained in the sample. The test will then tell you if you have an infection or not. Results are obtained quickly, often in minutes.

How can it help with flu?

The new rapid molecular test for flu takes less than 15 minutes and is highly accurate. Diagnosing flu early allows you to get the proper treatment and helps prevent the spread of flu to others. It can detect the flu even if there is only a small amount present. RMT can detect flu viruses that older types of testing might miss.

How can it help with sore throat?

When your throat is on fire, you want rapid relief. But first, it is important to know if it is caused by a virus or bacteria so you can be treated properly. This is very important because taking antibiotics will not help if you have a virus and can cause unwanted side effects. Rapid molecular testing is able to quickly and more accurately tell if you have strep throat.

How can it help with RSV?

Respiratory syncytial virus or “RSV” causes an infection of the lungs and breathing passages. RSV is a major cause of respiratory illness in young children and spreads quickly through schools and childcare centers. RSV infections tend to occur in epidemics lasting from late fall through early spring. Rapid molecular testing can help detect RSV early and more accurately than older types of testing. This allows you to get the proper type of medication quicker and act fast before the infection gets worse.


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