Obstetrics; laparoscopy & minimally invasive surgery; vaginal surgery; sexual health education for adolescents

Bio for Lorraine Dodson, M.D. FACOG

Her youthful plan was to become a veterinarian, but a job working in a nursing home during high school shifted her focus from animals to people.

Dr. Lorraine Dodson explains: “It was a good experience. The nursing home introduced me to the life and death cycle.”

One particular patient, Mary, made a special impression on the teenager. She fed, bathed and talked to Mary each day and was there the day she died. “I shed a lot of tears over that,” Dr. Dodson recalls.

Her commitment to caring for people led her to medical school at the University of Missouri-Columbia, followed by a residency there in obstetrics/gynecology. She was drawn to that specialty because she liked many aspects of the practice of medicine, and ob/gyn was a mixture of primary care and surgery.

While in medical school, she met her husband, Dr. Jack Dodson, and in 1994 they settled in his hometown of Jefferson City, where he went into family practice with Family Care Associates, a part of Jefferson City Medical Group. Dr. Lorraine Dodson joined the Women’s Clinic of Jefferson City, which became part of JCMG in January 2010.

“We’re very much looking forward to being part of a bigger group, to have better access to some of the referring doctors,” says Dr. Dodson, now the senior member of Women’s Clinic. “JCMG has always been a great group of doctors.”

Having two doctors in the family can complicate schedules. She delivers between 150 and 200 babies a year, and many arrive in the middle of the night. When her children wake up in the morning and find her gone, they often send her good-morning wishes by text message.

The Dodsons live on a 50-acre farm near Jefferson City with their three children and five dogs. They restored a 100-year-old barn to welcome two new horses. Dr. Dodson rode horses as a child, and she now shares the activity with her daughter.

The Dodsons also take an active interest in native birds and helped establish the Missouri Bluebird Society to increase knowledge about Missouri’s official state bird. They tend 50 bird-nesting boxes around their farm to create protected habitats for blue birds and other cavity-nesting birds.

“My life is my kids, my husband, my work and my church,” Dr. Dodson says. “I love the group I work with. They’re a great group of people.”