Christopher Case, M.D. and Alan Rauba, M.D. launched the New Direction and Outlook programs in February 2003 at Jefferson City Medical Group. Prior to establishing his practice in Jefferson City, Dr. Case had worked with a New Direction program while completing his fellowship and conducting research at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He was so impressed by the medical improvements of the program participants, he was compelled to find a way to provide such a service in conjunction with his local practice. We are proud to announce that after only one year in business, our program was recognized by Robard Corporation as a Center of Excellence.

Dr. Christopher Case also provides input at the national level; he is a member of a medical advisory panel that provides direction, training, and expertise for Robard’s medically-supervised New Direction and Outlook program guidelines.

We are pleased to have qualified and dedicated staff members who partner with us to provide compassionate, sensitive and extraordinary care for our program enrollees. In addition to our supervising physicians, our staff consists of registered dietitians, behaviorists and an administrative assistant—all of whom are dedicated to supporting our program participants as they discover a healthier, balanced and happier life!

Christopher Case, M.D.


Alan Rauba, M.D.


Lisa Finley, R.D., L.D.