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JCMG’s Newest Shareholders 2019

Over the past year, several doctors have become shareholders, owners/partners, of JCMG.

Please join us in congratulating the following doctors:

Brad Sloan, D.O.

Family Medicine/ Sports Medicine

Signed on 11/1/2018



Marcus Wade, M.D.


Signed on 12/19/2018



James Lin, M.D.

General Surgery

Signed on 1/2/2019



Phillip Wilson III, M.D.


Signed on 1/2/2019



Brandy Glascock, M.D.

Family Medicine

Signed on 4/4/2019



Deana Berrey, D.O.


Signed on 4/4/2019



Matthew Brooks, D.O.

Family Medicine

Signed on 7/1/2019


Tamara Hopkins, M.D.


Signed on 7/1/2019



Caleb Steffen, M.D.

Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery

Signed on 7/24/2019



Phil Rumbaoa, M.D.

The Vein Institute of JCMG

Signed on 8/5/2019

Ben Cook, D.O.

Family Medicine

Signed on 8/8/2019


Left to right:

Justin Malone, M.D.

Myles Goble, J.D.

Jeff Patrick, M.D. (JCMG President)

James Koch, M.D.

Steve Sides, M.D. (JCMG Treasurer)

Komal Ashraf, D.O.




It is such an honor and privilege that our doctors get to own and run their own business. Check out more about this on our Physician-Owned Philosophy page.