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Dr. Rucker’s Dish – What’s for lunch?

By Rachel Rucker, D.O.

Diet: What’s for lunch?
Eating lunch is essential and what you eat is equally important because it determines your energy level for the rest of the day. I have found that most people fall in one of two categories. A. Either they are so busy that they do not eat lunch B. Once they get around to eating lunch they are so hungry that they crave a lot of food and NOW -which often leads to fast food.

THERE IS A SOLUTION!! What I do is make a lunch box filled with small healthy snacks. This allows me to overcome the “I’m too busy I can’t eat” excuse because all of these can be eaten on the go. They are also healthier which allows me to feel energized without feeling weighed down the rest of the afternoon.

My snack box includes:
A fruit, yogurt, string cheese, almonds, granola bar. I need to get better and include some veggies. This gives me all aspects of the food pyramid.

For some people this may be enough. I know in the office we often have catered lunches. I do not allow myself to eat these lunches until I finish my snack box. This method ensures that I eat healthy things first instead of overindulging on unhealthy things.