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Coronavirus: If You Traveled, Call Before You Come

At JCMG, we’re working hard to make sure that we can care for our community while at the same time minimizing exposure risk of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Thank you for following the guidelines below and helping us keep Mid-Missouri healthy.

For basic questions regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and general exposure concerns, please call the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services COVID-19 hotline.


Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services COVID-19 Hotline:
(877) 435-8411

If you have been to an area where COVID-19 has been diagnosed, AND if you are experiencing fever or respiratory symptoms, then we ask that you call the JCMG Risk Notification Line before you come in to JCMG clinics for instructions and to schedule an appointment.

JCMG’s COVID-19 Risk Notification Line:
(use if you have symptoms and have recently travelled)
(573) 635-5264
Press option 1


High Alert Travel Areas

If you have traveled to Europe, Asia,  King County/Seattle, Washington, Westchester County, New York, Santa Clara County, California please return to your vehicle and call.

Symptoms of Concern

If you have traveled to an area listed above and have developed fever, cough, shortness of breath within the past 14 days, you could be at risk for COVID-19.

What to Do Next

Call the JCMG COVID-19 Risk Notification line first. A member of JCMG staff will review your symptoms and travel history when you call. If you meet the criteria to be tested for COVID-19, and your symptoms warrant medical care, then JCMG’s staff will tell you where to go. We will ask you to call from your vehicle upon arrival. Staff wearing protective gear will meet you at your vehicle and escort you into the facility for examination and care.

Symptoms mild? Consider staying home.

If your symptoms are mild – consider staying home to help prevent the virus from spreading. The CDC recommends staying home unless you require medical attention. Give us a call if symptoms persist or worsen.

Help Prevent the Spread of Respiratory Illness

Even if you haven’t traveled to a high-alert area – if you have respiratory illness symptoms, please wear a mask while in our facility, and wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.


As always – if your symptoms are emergent, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Thank you for helping limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, influenza, and other respiratory illnesses.