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Advances in Women’s Healthcare

In recent years many technological advances have been made in the treatment of female bladder problems, pelvic prolapse, and heavy menstrual bleeding. Fortunately, many of the procedures can be performed in an office setting with little down time.

One such method is Interstim Therapy, a proven neuromodulation therapy for refractory, overactive and spastic bladder. The Interstim system uses an external device placed on the body during a trial assessment period. This take places in an office setting. Later, the placement of an internal device will occur. Interstim therapy has given many women the ability to take long walks, sit through a movie at the theatre, sleep through the night and travel – activities which they have not been able to do for years.

There are many different minimally invasive treatments for all types of bladder control problems.
Another new treatment has been improving the lives of those who suffer from pelvic prolapse. The minimally invasive surgical treatment repairs the severely dropped bladder and uterus. The new technique is done through small, vaginal incisions. Patients are up and mobile the day after surgery. The benefit to this new technique is that it can be performed on a patient of any age, even those with major health issues, due to the short operating time that is required.

In addition to new and improved bladder treatments, there have also been improvements made to the correction of heavy menstrual cycles. The Novasure endometrial ablation is a quick, simple and safe procedure performed on women with heavy or frequent menstrual cycles and who done with child-bearing. It is performed in an office setting with local anesthetic and an IV is not needed.
Permanent birth-control is something that is also being performed in an office setting. Essure offers women the advantage of permanent birth control without the use of cutting or hormones. It’s another quick, simple and safe procedure done under local anesthetic which allows the patient to resume normal activity right away.

Dr. Ferris was recently added to the clinical faculty of Boston Scientifics’ Pelvic Floor Institute and is helping to train other physicians around the country in new bladder techniques. He is also a clinical proctor for the in office Novasure procedure. He has trained other mid-Missouri physicians in the performing the in office procedure.